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The Lakota People’s Law Project issues the following statement in connection with the recent revelations by former South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigations Officer Mark Black:

“The Mette Rape Scandal, first investigated and revealed by the Lakota People’s Law Project in the report “Abandoned, Not Forgotten”, is the most shockingly egregious instance of the state cover up of child sexual abuse in the history of the United States,” said Chase Iron Eyes. “MarkBlack’s recent comments not only reveal that the perpetrators, Richard and Wendy Mette, of these horrible crimes against innocent Indian children received dramatically reduced or nulified sentences, but the only people who defended these abused children, Brandon Taliaferro and Shirley Schwab, were retaliated against by corrupt state officials essentially because they refused to compromise their moral compass and participate in criminal acts.”

Let’s not get this wrong, the state was embarrassed because the Department of Social Services, which was already under attack for its blatant violation of the Indian Child Welfare Act, did everything in their power to cover up the fact that they placed Lakota children in a house with a sexual predator,” Iron Eyes continues. “Then they compounded their mistake by keeping them in the same house for more than a decade despite a preponderance of evidence that gross sexual misconduct was happening on a consistent basis. If this wasn’t despicable enough, when the state justice system found out about it, they raced to cover their tracks and hide the truth rather than bring accountability to the inept officials within the DSS who were responsible for such a travesty. It is clear, from today’s revelations by DCI Investigator Mark Black that Marty Jackley was complicit in this corruption and that he views himself as an advocacy lawyer for South Dakota’s racially biased institutions rather than an independent arbiter of justice elected by all members of the state, white, black, Indian and otherwise.”

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