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June 2015

  • Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report is now public, and it is a 150-page serious indictment of the systematic and ongoing oppression of the First Nation’s people. The Report concludes that the health, educational, legal, employment, and emotional problems faced by the Canadian aboriginals stem from the racist attitude that the aboriginals are not fully human and from the brutal mistreatment born of this ignorant thought. The report covers everything we have all been working on together in South Dakota, and 99 percent of it reflects the situation in the U.S. for Native people. It covers sexual abuse, physical abuse, financial theft, educational neglect, legal abuse, and destruction of personal esteem and identity.

May 2015

  • Four more Title IV-E Planning Grant Applications have been submitted for Lakota Tribes by A Positive Tomorrow with the help of Tribal leaders and LPLP. Crow Creek, Cheyenne River, Yankton, and Lower Brule have all completed and submitted their applications on time to the Department of Health and Human Services who will hopefully award each of them a $300,000 grant to assist with the costs involved in planning their own tribal-run Child and Family Planning Service Programs. For more information on the process and details of this, please see our press release.

April 2015

  • An important case has been decided in favor of Lakota children—Oglala Sioux Tribe v. Van Hunnick. In this case, Judge Viken ruled that authorities in Pennington County had adopted procedures, which not only violated the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), but expressly denied Indian parents the constitutional right to due process. Read our press release here.

March 2015

  • Facebook page reaches 150,000 likes!
  • Our "Free the Lakota Children" petition to Obama clicks over 50,000 signatures.  Please sign, share, and encourage at least one of your friends to sign the petition: Let’s go from 50,000 signatures to 100,000 as fast as we can!
  • On March 20, the Bureau of Indian Affairs requested public comments to their updated ICWA guidelines and LPLP responded with our own recommendations to make ICWA stronger. If you would like to read our recommendations, please click here.

February 2015


December 2014

  • New Report: "The Case for Tribal Title IV-E" released.  This report is the culmination of ten years of research, investigation and numerous direct testimonies on issues that directly pertain to the South Dakota State Department of Social Services’ persistent, involuntary removal of Sioux children from their Indian communities, and their insistence on placing these Indian children in non-Native foster care and adoptive settings. Read more here.
  • LPLP takes a delegation to Washington DC to have inter-agency meetings with the Department of Justice, the Department of the Interior, and the Department of Health and Human Services to seek funding for the remaining five South Dakota tribes that did not get the 2014 Title IV-E Federal Planning Grants. We will not give up!
  • 2014 White House Tribal Nations Conference.
  • Attorney General Eric Holder delivered a speech prioritizing the enforcement of ICWA, instructing the Department of Justice to undertake a new initiative which will promote ICWA compliance.


October 2014

  • Oglala and Standing Rock tribes receive Title IV-E Federal Planning Grants to create their own Child and Family Service Programs. This is the permanent solution to the removal of Lakota children from their families and communities. With their own foster care programs, federal funding will go directly to the tribes and away from the corrupt state of South Dakota.

August 2014

  • Flandreau and Lower Brule join Standing Rock, Oglala, Crow Creek, Cheyenne River, and Yankton tribes in their application for Title IV-E Federal Planning Grants.

July 2014

  • Five South Dakota tribes submit Title IV-E Federal Planning Grant Applications—Standing Rock, Oglala, Yankton, Crow Creek, and Cheyenne River.

June 2014

  • The LPLP Membership Campaign was launched to raise money to aid in creating a Lakota-run foster care and bring the stolen Lakota children home. If you’d still like to become a member for as little as $2 a month, please go to: . Every contribution makes a difference!

May 2014

  • Launch of the "Lakota Initiative for Family Empowerment" or LIFE Campaign. To get federal planning grant applications completed this year, we had to put boots on the ground in South Dakota and begin data collection and analysis. Thanks to the $15,000 we raised in May with small online donations, and the dollar for dollar matching grant that a generous donor provided, A Positive Tomorrow and Chase Iron Eyes are hard at work, and know that their time will not go unnoticed. Read more:

January 2014

  • The Petition to Obama to "Free the Lakota Children" is created. To qualify for ongoing federal funding, the Lakota tribes must first plan their new foster care programs. Planning grants are available to tribes on an extremely competitive basis, which makes it incredibly difficult to get them. We are asking Obama to acknowledge the severity of the crisis in S.D., and authorize planning grants for the Lakota tribes through our MoveOn Petition. We have reached over 55,000 signatures as of mid-March 2015! More info on the petition campaign:

November 2013

  • Lakota Law and Tribal Leaders head to Washington DC with the Mette Scandal Petition to secure the endorsement of a tribal foster care solution from Department of Justice, the Department of Interior, and the Department of Health and Human Services. The Department of Justice declined to investigate South Dakota’s cover up of the Mette sex abuse scandal, but did endorse our solution to the larger crisis. More info on Mette scandal: Pictures and video from the DC trip:

July 2013

  • Lakota Leaders and South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard endorsed our solution for new, tribal foster care programs to solve the crisis of the removal of Lakota children from their communities:
  • Lakota leaders met as Oceti Sakowin, the Seven Council Fires. Lakota Law presented the leaders with the Title IV-E funding solution, which will allow tribes to fund and administer their own foster care programs, instead of the corrupt state. Read more:

May 2013

  • Lakota Law's Facebook Petition to the Bureau of Indian Affairs succeeds and the Great Plains Indian Child Welfare Act Summit held in Rapid City, SD. Lakota Law worked tirelessly with Standing Rock and Oglala leaders to spearhead the ICWA summit. The historic summit made all the headlines of local papers and marked a turning point in public awareness. People were no longer arguing over whether there was a problem, but instead, people started to think about solutions. Federal officials attended, but South Dakota state officials were glaringly absent. News: Watch the video recap:


January 2013

  • Lakota Law assists Native foster child advocates who were wrongly accused in the state's cover-up of the Mette Scandal. We filled the courtroom with Lakota supporters of these brave advocates. The court threw out all the state's charges against them because of a lack of evidence. Read our special report on the Mette Scandal:


Summer 2012

  • Facebook page started!


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